Breast Feeding Goods

Introduction of various Spectra Breast Feeding Goods needed for feeding infants and babies.

Bottle Warmer

2-in-1 types for twins and siblings that are 1 year apart in age
Spectra Bottle Warmer that maintains at less than 40℃ to prevent destruction of nutrients


Warming up breast milk food
Steam cooking function
Warm various vegetables
Preset function

Nipple Protector

Spectra Nipple Protector that protects the mother and child when breastfeeding, while convenient to use by being attached closely on the breast


Inverted nipples
Flat nipples
Wounds on nipples


S : 16mm
M : 20mm
L : 24mm

Breast Feeding Pad

Built-in 3MM slim type & SAP sheet
Spectra Breast Feeding Pad having Tencel substances made with eucalyptus tree extracts


30 sheets
80 sheets

Breast milk storage pack

Temperature-change type with label that changes color according to temperature
Spectra Milk Storage Pack for hygienic storage and stand-type design


Foremilk storage pack (30 sheets)
Milk Storage Pack (30 sheets)
Milk Storage Pack (90 sheets)
Milk Storage Pack for easy temperature sensing (10 sheets, Connector included)
Milk Storage Pack for easy temperature sensing (30 sheets)