Company Intro



See the history of the global company Uzin Medicare
that grew by focusing only on customers together with customers.

a new dream
2016 to Current

2020.06Launched Spectra Dual Compact Breast Pump

2020.03Launched Spectra All New Baby bottle

2019.11Launched Spectra DUAL S Breast Pump

2018.1230 Million USD Export Tower

Presidential Award

2018.12Launched Spectra Bottle Warmer

2018.10Launched Spectra PPSU Baby Bottle

2018.05Selected as Small Giant

2017.1220 Million USD Export Tower Presidential


2017.09Launched Spectra Baby Bottle Disinfector

2016.10Established Dongtan Plant 2

2016.05Acquired patent – For Hands Free

2016.05Launched Spectra Q Portable Breast Pump

A New Leap
2011 ~ 2015

Acquired patent for noise reduction device2014.11

Launched Spectra 9S Portable Breast Pump2014.08

Launched Spectra 9+ Portable Breast Pump 2013.08

Acquired CE 3 plate (60601-1 3RD) certification2013.05

Acquired patent – For air current blocking2013.03


Launched Spectra PESU Baby Bottle2013.03

Launched Spectra S1 Home Breast Pump 2012.04

Launched Spectra S2 Home Breast Pump 2011.12

First step to the world
2003 ~ 2010

2009.06Launched Manual Breast Pump

2009.05Launched Medical Inhaler (Suction)

2007.12Launched mobile vibrating Breast Pump

'Spectra MINI'

2006.10Acquired KGMP

2004.12Acquired CE 93,42,EEC

2004.07Acquired ISO 13485, 9001

2003.11Export to Turkey

2003.06Export to Japan

Start of Uzin Medicare
1999 ~ 2002

Launched home vibrating Breast Pump2002.03

'Spectra 2'

Launched Spectra Breast Pump 2001.03

Approved for medical instrument2001.03

manufacturing business

(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

Establishment of Uzin Medicare1999.07