Company Intro



uzin medicare

Smart Childcare Aide, S P E C T R A

Uzin Medicare's baby goods brand, Spectra

Spectra helps your childcare activities become more convenient using
our expertise and childcare life in various environments.

Spectra's activities

  • We listen to the stories of
    various child-rearing environments
    in Korea and abroad. Exchange opinions with
    domestic and foreign buyers

  • We improve products based
    on valuable feedback. Satisfaction surveys

  • We strive to make a society
    for happy life, families and
    everyone else. Nursing room support project,
    single mother support, etc.

Various baby items of Spectra

  • 01

    Delivering love with a mother's warm love
    Breast-feeding aide, Spectra Breast Pump

  • 02

    The right choice for your baby's health
    Mother's childcare aide,
    Spectra Baby Bottle Disinfector

  • 03

    Baby feeding aide made with safe
    materials for both the mother and baby,
    Spectra Baby Bottle